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What’s in my Hospital Bag

What’s in my Hospital Bag


I Can’t believe we are only 5 weeks away from baby girls arrival! It’s time to get my hospital bag all packed up and ready to go when she decides to make her debut. Packing your hospital bag can be overwhelming but also very exciting at the same time. I’m super excited to wear my matching robe and swaddle set! (Links below) Many of my sweet friends that are mama’s have given me some great tips on what you really need to bring. See my list and links to the items I’ve purchased below!

First of all I suggest a rolling suitcase because it will be easier to move around. Calpak Suitcase

Mom’s List:

-Nursing night gown This is the one I’m wearing in the picture, its super soft and it has openings at the top for nursing. I was told that nightgowns are better for when you have the nurse checks throughout the day.

-Matching Robe and swaddle Love this matching set so much, the colors are so pretty and fun!

-Navy sleep shorts set (darker colors are best, I also get button down so it would be easier to nurse)

-Set of nursing bras these are seriously so comfortable and comes in a set of 3.

-Slippers you will want some soft slippers to throw on when you get up

-Barefoot Dreams socks (you will want socks to keep your feet warm, hospitals can get very cold)

-Barefoot dreams blanket (or bring your favorite blanket to make you feel more at home)

-Boppy nursing pillow this will come in super handy when you start nursing. you will be so tired that you wont have the energy to hold baby up to nurse. The Boppy will give you so much support.

-Old navy flip flops to wear in the shower (any old pair of flip flops will do)

-Earth Mama perineal spray Have heard great things about this and that you will be glad you had it after using the restroom.

-Frida peri bottle The hospital will also give you one of these but this one is great to have too

-Always discreet underwear (heard these are much more comfortable than pads)

-tooth brush, travel tooth past, travel size lotion, conditioner and shampoo, deodorant, face whips/makeup remover. Any other things that you can’t live without. I’m also bringing my makeup so I feel human when visitors come :)

-Going home outfit (this dress is what I’m bringing, something lose is best)

-Make sure to bring an extra long phone charger


-Two outfits (onesies with the feet are best)

-Two swaddles

-socks , mittens so they don’t scratch themselves

-Car Seat

-Camera/charger for pictures

-Letter board with letters

-Baby Book (you might want to record things in your baby book while at the hospital)

Friends have told me to take home as many supplies as you can from the hospital, they will bring in all sorts of items that you will need for yourself and baby! Take advantage of this so you don’t have to buy a tone of recovery items.

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