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Wonder Waist Liner

Wonder Waist Liner

Do you ever buy a dress or top that you love but then try it on a again at home and decide that the shape is completely unflattering.  I always try and buy flowy lose dresses and end up never wearing them because they make me look bigger than I really am.  For my body type I need a more form fitting dress/top.  I really need structure but don't want to wear a belt with all my shift dresses to get the structured look I'm going for.  I was introduced to the Wonder Waist Liner and I have to say its a closet game changer! I absolutely LOVE it and am so glad that I can now wear a bunch of dresses that have been sitting in my closet. I can now feel confident that my outfit is flattering and I feel good! This off the shoulder dress from J Crew has the most beautiful pattern, which is what drew me to it.  I got home and tried it on again and felt like I was wearing a potato sack...not flattering at all. I immediately wanted to return it. I remembered that I had just gotten the Wonder Waist Liner and styled it with my dress. It was a completely new dress with the Wonder Waist Liner.  I am now super excited to wear this dress and style more of my outfits with this must have wardrobe piece.  I have linked up how to get the Wander Waist Liner below!!






Dress jcrew.com

hat jcrew.com

bracelet lorenhope.com

Earrings kendrascott.com

sunglasses revolve.com

Wonder Waist Liner: I got mine from Christina Williams designs for inquiry's go to her instagram page @cwilliamsdesigns or call 713-863-2948. Here is the direct link to wonderwaistliner.com

Vacation Look:

Vacation Look:

Fourth of July Wine Spritzer:

Fourth of July Wine Spritzer: