I'm a lover of all things chic, leopard, and pink. I'm a sucker for sweets and specialty cocktails. Puppies are my biggest weakness, especially my Lacy dog, Carter! I’m obsessed with the holidays; mostly Halloween. I never met a pumpkin I didn't like.  After visiting many places in Europe and the Caribbean, I now have the travel bug and don't plan on curing it. I'm a fashion merchandising major who lives and works in Houston, Texas. This is my attempt to have some kind of involvement in the fashion world. I'm a wife to my biggest supporter whom I adore. I recently married my best friend and had the most amazing time planning the wedding of my dreams. 

Since I was a young girl, I have always had a love affair with style. Whether it is this seasons newest looks, Halloween decorations, scenic destinations, or chic home furnishings; I have always wanted to pursue these passions in some way. So after contemplating for over two year’s whether or not to start a blog, I'm thrilled to finally say it's here!  I know what you are all thinking, not another fashion blogger but I promise it will be worth a look!

I thought what's going to set me apart or why I should even bother blogging; how can I set myself apart from the bazillion other fashion bloggers out there? What really gives each one of us our own style is truly being yourself, in the most original form. Anyone can post the same obligatory macaroons in front of the Eiffel tower picture. Blogging should be fun; reflective of the essence of your style and dreams. As long as you’re having fun and feel passionate about what you’re doing nothing should discourage or stand in your way!!

Life is about experiences. Radiating confidence with the perfect outfit, taking in breathtaking views while enjoying  local cuisine, entertaining friends & loved ones during the holidays, or decorating your home space to enjoy every day are all ways to enrich those experiences. That will be the purpose of “Styling Your Life Pretty”!

By: Megan Dunham